Personal fit is a large part of working with a Realtor. Real Estate requires establishes skills and instinct in providing exceptional customer care. Mona has established and cultivated a reputation of honesty, results, and understanding in her professional endeavors. Listening to understand needs and wants is an important part of customer care. This is one of the many skills Mona Palfreyman brings to her Real Estate career. Compelled to provide you with the very best service and experience Mona deliveries results from hard work and due diligence. Mona is passionate about helping people and what better way to use that passion than helping someone find that special home.

Outside of being a Realtor Mona’s priorities and passions are hanging out with her teenage son, playing competitive volleyball and spending time with her family in Victoria, BC. Mona also loves to travel within Canada and internationally, seeing how other people live in the world is always fascinating and inspiring.

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Mona Palfreyman

Mobile: (250) 508-3732

Phone: (250) 656-4626


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Newport Realty - Sidney

2444 Beacon Ave W   Sidney,  BC   V8L 1X6 

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